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Footstools are functional and fun and a must-have in every home.  They take up less space than a typical chair and provide extra seating.  Additionally, they are ideal for elevating tired legs and helping with circulation and comfort. Also, they offer an opportunity to add a decorative element to a room or can complete an already well-designed scheme.


In 3200AD the Ancient Egyptians developed the footstool to place before the Emperor’s throne.  Thrones were high off the ground. The Emperor  could rest his feet comfortably upon the stool whilst looking down on the people.

In the sixteenth Century footstools were often used as a child’s seat or easily transportable chair.  They were usually made of wood.

By the eighteenth Century footstools were in more common use.  A long footstool, known as a fender, was placed in-front of the fire.  It was used to stop coal from falling out but also to keep feet warm.  They are still widely bought and used today.

In today’s modern world footstools are seen as practical items for the above reasons.

For Any Room

A footstool can be an inexpensive way to add charm and interest to any room.  For those that don’t like too much pattern, this small piece could add a touch of pattern without being overpowering.  For example, in a classic sitting room with neutral tones an Ikat pattern used in repeat colours would add a design layer and instil energy into the room.  The scale of the pattern must be chosen carefully and be proportionate because it is important to fit the size of the stool.

Velvet Footstool

Alternatively, a footstool could add texture.  In a bedroom with cool leather sofas, a luscious velvet or intricate weave would bring a softer element and enhance the welcome feeling.

Footstools are an ideal way to add fun and vibrancy to a child’s room. Choose a polka-dot fabric or fur or even the shape of a favourite animal.  They can be playful as well as practical.

Shape and Size

Footstools come in all shapes and sizes.  They can be storage boxes, ottomans, deep-buttoned or plain and simple.  Footstools can have legs or be solid to the ground.  Designs are endless and can be made to suit any style, traditional or modern.

A footstool is the perfect modern companion for any room.   Be inspired and contact Wordsworth Design House to create the ideal one for your needs because footstools are the functional and fun must-have!