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Home-care for self-care has never been more relevant. The past two years have seen most of us spending more time at home than we ever envisaged. This has led to us being more emotionally invested in our living spaces. We have built extensions, renovated, decorated or simply tidied up!

This is a good thing because creating a home that we are proud of has a positive impact on overall wellness.

Here are some tips if you are still in the process.

Be at Home with Yourself

Let go of the need to conform or meet other people’s expectations.  Instead, surround yourself with your favourite artwork, colours and fabrics.  Items that have personal meaning will give your rooms a charm and character that is unique.  Objects aren’t just objects, they are emblems of your life and represent your choices. Giving them a place in your environment will inspire and give you comfort in these challenging times.

Small Changes – Big Reward

It isn’t necessary to take on a large overhaul to feel the benefits.  Tackling a few small design tasks can make a big difference. Set yourself one task to feel a sense of achievement without it being overwhelming.


If your space is overcrowded and chaotic, it is likely that your mind is too. Set aside an afternoon at the weekend to de-clutter.  You could choose just one cupboard or desk drawer. By clearing out things you don’t need you will breathe life into the space.  Sweep the cobwebs from the corners and it will be like sweeping the cobwebs from your mind.  The end result will give you more energy and enhance your ability to focus.

Spread the Book-Love

A dusty bookcase can be a good place to start. Bookcases are often bulging and unused, especially in this age of digital reading.  But books bring life and stories – literally – into a room and their importance should never be underestimated. Books offer a time to disconnect and escape into an imaginary world.

Reorganise your books by height and colour and add decor items such as pictures, sculptures, small plants or seashells. Remember that a bookcase benefits from some negative space, not only to make the books more accessible but to give each item a sense of place. You may need to discard books that are no longer required or create a new bookshelf in another room.

Create a Home You are Proud of

Home-care for self-care, even in small ways – can help you to create a home you are proud of.  Maybe the spaces that we create preserve a small part of who we are and a place for our souls to rest. So de-clutter and refresh and feel the rewards! Contact here for further advice.