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Interior Design Secrets

Interior design secrets that make a difference are easy to incorporate into your own homes.  Read on for some valuable tips.


Lighting can change the mood of a room like no other design element.  Where possible, use dimmers, but alternatively, vary the brightness of the bulbs for different functions.  For instance, use 700 lumens over a dining table to create atmosphere and intrigue but 900 lumens for reading lamps where more light output is needed. To simulate candlelight for romance, use bulbs with 220 or less lumens.

To create a flattering light a pink lining for lampshades is fun and a touch flamboyant. This will shed a rosy glow around the room or cast a pool of flamingo from a table lamp.


The scale of a room relates to its size; the size of the pieces within and how they relate to each other. A large room with high ceilings, for instance, calls for more stately furniture. The height can be emphasised with tall pieces of art or statement lighting. A smaller room requires more modest furniture to fit the space and not over-crowd.

Play with the scale of a room.  One large scale piece in a room can make it appear bigger. That may seem counterintuitive but, not only does it work, it surprises the eye and takes the room up a notch. But choose wisely.  A large coffee table against a small sofa would look disproportionate and make the room feel out of balance. Try instead over-sized table lamps.


Sculpture, organic or geometric, made from stone, wood, ceramic or clay is the greatest form of fine art.  It provides a completeness to any interior decor scheme and because it is unique it makes an interesting talking point.  A small abstract piece can make a traditional room feel instantly modern or bring some tradition and nostalgia into a contemporary space. It can bring a dull corner to life or, like Stella Shawzin’s ‘Mother and Baby VII’ above, be the star of the room.  This Portuguese pink marble sculpture was used as the central showpiece in a client’s living room, not only as a thing of beauty but to evoke feelings of connection.

Sculpture, like other forms of art, provides a place for the eye to rest and it makes you feel. Feelings could be of longing, passion or any other sensation but feelings are what makes us human and we need to have our feelings fed to sustain our spirit and soul.

Design Consultation

A free initial design consultation is available by appointment.  If you wish to utilise any of these interior design secrets that make a difference or have a design project you would like to discuss please get in touch.