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The dining room comeback is a discussion that is high on the agenda for interior designers.  Over the past decade many have proclaimed its’ death. However, since the pandemic and the resulting dramatic shift in the way we use our homes, the dining room has become a firm favourite.

During lockdown most of us felt the loss of not being able to share a meal with our extended family and friends. Now we want to make up for lost time by creating a better dining experience in our homes. This is particularly poignant for me today as I was invited for supper with friends last night.  The table was long, the conversation engaging and we reconnected over laughter and story telling. Those evenings, once taken for granted, are now moments to treasure and it is no surprise that there is a desire to create the perfect ambiance and setting to maximise the enjoyment of eating together.

Broken-Plan Living

In homes that sprawl, where there is the luxury of space, a room may be dedicated to dining.  But often that is not possible and as a result there is an emerging design trend for broken-plan living. This is a natural evolution of open-plan living where light and openness is maintained but more defined zoning is used. Division of space can be made with a simple bookcase or a change in the floor level. The key is to create a more intimate space away from the bustle and noise of a working kitchen.

Dining Room Delights

A room for the unique purpose of dining, may seem to be an indulgence. However, where space allows, it is good to accept that whilst some rooms are used daily others are used less often and there are numerous delights about a private dining room.

It can be a cocooning space with an ambiance all of its own where family and friends happily sit for hours without the distraction of TV. This can strengthen relationships and promote wellbeing.

It offers the opportunity to add some drama to the decor. Statement pieces such as an oversized mirror or sensational work of art is the perfect way to inject some personality to the room. Artefacts or cherished finds from travel abroad will stimulate conversation.

Additionally, the dining room can double-up as a private space for office work or home study providing a place of peace and calm.

Dining Room drama

Help and Advice

Whatever your home allows there has never been a more important time to create an ideal dining area. For help and advice on how to best utilise your space – broken-plan living or separate room, use the Contact Form here.