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The Perfect Accessory for Your Home

The perfect accessory for your home can change the dynamic of a room and complete the design.   A vase, sculpture, picture frame or piece of decorative glass can make the perfect finishing touch. Choose one simple piece; combine and group a collection; or display an impactful single item. Object d’art help to take a room from ordinary to extraordinary and are often surprising points of interest that spark conversation. Whatever you choose, ensure that items have room to breathe, because the goal is balance, not clutter.

The Oran Vase by Rene Lalique

I love to mix a little old into new design as it stimulates nostalgic senses and also gives a more lived-in feel. I bore this in mind when designing an elegant sitting room for an enthusiastic art collector.  After careful consideration, the client decided upon an exceptional piece by Rene Lalique – an original Oran vase made in 1927. The opalescent glass with blue and green patina is in perfect condition and there is a stunning display of light that dances amongst the leaves.  This magical infusion of art and crystal is displayed as a single piece in the centre of the room.  Its beauty and precision of design can be admired without distraction.

Lalique, The Man and The Brand

Long before Lalique become a brand, it was the name of a man, Rene Lalique (1860 – 1945). He was a creative genius who produced iconic, yet diverse glassworks.  Lalique pieces are coveted the world over for both timeless design and unique quality.  Vases, jewellery, chandeliers, perfume bottles and radiator mascots are but some of the exceptional creations that make up the Lalique collection.

Oran is a city in northwest Algeria.  The French ruled there from 1831 – 1962, during the entire lifetime of Rene Lalique. He was influenced by Algerian culture and gave several pieces an Algerian associated name.  The French crystal maker was inspired by nature and the daisy flower heads upon the Oran, pay homage to Mother Earth.

Modern Day Lalique

Not many of us can afford original artwork but modern Lalique can be bought from several galleries and shops, starting prices are less than £100. The heirs of the illustrious glassmaker and employees of the Lalique company continue to uphold exacting standards and attention to detail. Additionally, there is precise control over artwork made today using crystal of the finest quality.  Designs incorporate inspirations from nature and graphic compositions from satin and polished crystal. Modern or old, Lalique will add a stylish dimension to any room and be the perfect accessory for your home.