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Wallpaper trends 2022 can be bold, brave and beguiling or calm and comforting. Wallpaper, whatever your choice, adds atmosphere and attitude and is immediately transformative. It can be a fabulous textural backdrop to add a layer of warmth and style to a room. Or it can be a statement to set the scene.

Wallpaper has taken on even greater appeal during the past two years of restricted living. People have craved vast horizons, colourful landscapes and a sense of adventure to compensate for lack of travel. Never has there been more joyful, technically advanced or daring designs than in 2022. Read on for three favourite trends.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is a major trend. Patterns inspired by nature have great appeal as we are all aware of the benefits of the great outdoors. Plant, leaf and floral designs take centre stage as people want to bring the outside in and be more at one with the world. Green is in demand. Vibrant shades of grass and leaf are prominent but so are the softer peppermint and sage palettes.

Osborne and Little have several wonderful examples.  A favourite is Michelia.  It is painted in watercolour and depicts exotic birds in the branches of a magnolia tree.


Scenic wall murals are a continuing and growing trend. They ignite the imagination with exotic scenes of every conceivable landscape from tropical forests to ocean shores and wild meadows.

Murals also offer an opportunity to change the dimensions of a space. They can make it feel larger or longer.

Casamance’s Paraiba wall covering cannot fail to transport you to the exotic Brazilian planation with verdant plant and wildlife. It has a sisal base but is simultaneously pearlescent and captivating.


From the time of the ancient Greeks geometric design has had enduring appeal.  Creative use of shapes – lines, curves and triangles – means that designs can be constantly reinvented and modernised. Patterns are repeated and because of this a sense of order is achieved.

An outstanding example is Zoffany’s wall covering – Rhombi Vinyl Collection Abstract 1928. It is more like a sumptuous fabric.  The soft metallics make it tactile and refined.

Wallpaper Round Up

Creative opportunities abound – wall to wall, a feature wall, ceilings or a hidden-away alcove are all opportunities to use wallpaper.  However you choose to use it, enjoy the design magic that it brings because it will make you smile at the refreshing results.