Design with Light

Light is the mysterious je ne said quoi of interior design. As human beings we respond differently to varying qualities of light. It affects us in an imperceptible way and has an intense effect upon our sense of well-being. Light has both a practical and an emotional role to play in our homes. It puts us at ease to soothe and relax or stimulates for a heightened atmosphere. It can make us feel safe and protected or startled and exposed.

Light not only makes our interiors visible; it adds another dimension. In a badly lit home, colours look dreary and paintwork washed out. But good light defines the sense of mood and enhances decoration. Colour and detail come to life, and texture and shape are defined in a rich visual experience.

Your Lighting Needs

Light and function have an inextricable connection. You may be looking for an intricately lit cabinet; a sinuous chandelier to bounce light around or a wash of light to highlight a piece of art. Whatever you are looking for, Penelope will listen, advise and create an interior lighting design that is just right for you.

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