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Springtime Blues

‘There is a silent eloquence
In every wild bluebell
That fills my softened heart with bliss
That words could never tell’
The Bluebell by Anne Bronte

As a child I lived near an ancient woodland where thick swathes of trembling bluebells burst into majestic blues and purples in Springtime. They created a magical forest carpet and I loved skipping along the pathways marvelling at the flourishing beauties. There was stern warning from my parents not to trample the delicate blooms as they are vital for woodland ecosystems. Their vibrant shades attract bees, butterflies and hoverflies in abundance and if crushed, take 5-7 years to re-establish.

Plain Silk Fabrics in Springtime Hues

Interior decor frequently follows the paths of nature and if you would like to add Springtime bluebell hues or other warm, light shades to your home try plain silks by James Hare.  There is a vast array of fabulous colours to choose from.  Cushions or lampshades would be an inexpensive way to start. Add curtains if there is room for a bigger change.

The Buds of Spring in Floral Patterns

Alternatively, a floral print of small buds would be a fun way to add an informal pattern. There is plenty of choice from fabric companies at different budget levels.  My pick this week is Nina Campbell’s Almora – it makes a delightful blind.

Time and again, research shows that blue is the world’s favourite colour.  This may be due to the vastness of blue that surrounds us in the sky and sea, putting us in touch with nature.

Varying tones convey different messages. The Spring palette of blues are, like the season, light and warm. Bluebell, cornflower and periwinkle are typical shades of the forest. Whereas azure and aquamarine are blissful colours of the Spring ocean.

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Feelings of the Coast

Gentle waves lapping against a sandy shore instil a sense of tranquillity.  Bring this sense of calmness into your home with accessories such as glass-based table lamps.  These handblown examples from Porta Romana offer an opportunity for reflection and would light up any space with a luxurious glow.

Cosy Underfoot

For comfort underfoot try this hand tufted wool rug in aqua shades from Rimo.  It will add warmth and softness and anchor any living space or bedroom against changing tides.


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Enjoy filling your heart and home with Spring blues and blossoms!

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